“Ask the Mayor” and ASDA development update

(Edited and reposted from Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Forum)

There will an ‘Ask the Major’ event being held in the gym of George Greens school on 7th March.

Whilst all tickets for the event on Tuesday night have all ‘sold’ out. The actual event will be in the gym of George Greens school not the main hall, so although there will be some un-ticketed standing room available there won’t be that much.

If you want to try and get in and do not have a ticket you can try between 7.15pm and 7.30pm but it depends on how many people with tickets do not turn up and the amount of standing room so entry is definitely not guaranteed. If you have a ticket and cannot make it let the Council know.

  • Doors open at 6.45pm Tuesday 7th March at George Greens school
  • If you booked a ticket, your seat will be reserved until 7.15pm
  • After 7.15pm, unclaimed seats & standing room will be made available to attendees on the night on a first come first served basis.
  • 7.30pm presentation starts
  • 8pm to 9.30pm Q&A

The event wont be live-streamed but the Council will try and film the event for later release.

George Greens school, 100 Manchester Rd, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3DW (close to Island Gardens DLR station, D7 & 135 buses stop outside)

ASDA update

A developer has planning permission to build a new ASDA superstore, then knock down the old ASDA and build 850 apartments above it, this would also result in the loss of the petrol station. The developer now wants to submit a new and revised planning application for a different scheme which means they have to re-do the public consultation.

Revised plans are now being proposed which include a new 620 pupil primary school, a theatre and arts centre to be run in conjunction with a community partner, a Tower Hamlets IDEA’s Store, improved retail, better connections to the local area and, an increase in the number of homes provided on site. With a planning permission already in place, the focus is that the District Centre works better for both existing and future residents of the Isle of Dogs.

We will be holding community workshops on the evening of Friday 17th March and during the day on Saturday 18th March.

These workshops will give everybody an opportunity to discuss the detail of the revised proposals for the District Centre. The event will include a presentation and a focused discussion on: Landscape; School, Culture and Community; Transport; Housing, Retail and Design.

The workshops will be held in Café Forever on Glengall Grove.

Children’s entertainment will be arranged for 18th March. Places for the workshop will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to register for attendance please contact:

williamh@snapdragonconsulting.co.uk or telephone 0203 176 4161.

Places for each slot will be allocated once registration has closed on Monday 13th March.

Following the workshops and further discussion with stakeholders, we will be holding a public exhibition of the scheme prior to the submission of an application.

The community workshops and the public exhibition will be held in Café Forever on the following dates and times:

Community Workshop:

Friday 17th March 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday 18th March 11:00am – 2:00pm

Public Exhibition:

Friday 21st April 6:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday 22nd April 10:00am-4:00pm

Real Christmas tree recycling

Tower Hamlets will be collecting real Christmas trees for recycling between 6th and 20th January.  This will be at Plymouth Wharf on  Wednesday 11th and 18th January.

If you wish your tree to be collected please leave outside the front of your property (houses), or by recycle bin areas (flats) before these dates.

Anything left after these dates will not be collected and we remind residents that PWRA is not responsible for removal of such items so residents will need to make their own arrangements for disposal.

More details can be found on the Tower Hamlets website.

Sign the petition to reduce noise and pollution from the Enderby Cruise Terminal

A change.org petition has been set up by residents of Greenwich and the Isle-Of-Dogs, campaigning to reduce noise and pollution of the planned Enderby Cruise Terminal.

If you’ve not already read about it in the press, the planned redevelopment of Enderby’s Wharf across the river from Plymouth Wharf includes plans for a cruise liner terminal.

Under current plans, once completed the cruise terminal at Enderby Wharf – between the Cutty Sark and the O2 – will host cruise ships up to 240m long – without offering shore based electrical power.

Why does this matter? Well it’s likely to have a significant environmental impact both in terms of noise and pollution as ships will need to keep their engines powered up whilst docked.

So far the developers seem to have taken little consideration of local residents or even followed European Union directive 2012/33/EU that states:

“Air pollution caused by ships at berth is a major concern for many harbour cities when it comes to their efforts to meet the Union’s air quality limit values.

Member States should encourage the use of shore-side electricity, as the electricity for present-day ships is usually provided by auxiliary engines.”

You can sign the petition here. You can also comment on the application through Greenwich Council’s planning site.

Recycling – a gentle reminder

We’ve had a number of complaints and issues recently about use of recycling bins around the development so here’s a gentle reminder.

Recycling is collected every Wednesday and needs to be put into pink bags. Please don’t use other bags or leave rubbish loose as the council will often refuse to take it.

Bins are located at both ends of the development by each block. If the nearest bin is full please use another bin or walk to one of the other recycling areas rather than stuffing more in and leaving the top of the bin open. Doing so just encourages rats and foxes.

More information about what can be recycled and where you can obtain pink bags on the Tower Hamlets website.

If you have larger items to recycle you can contact the council to arrange collection or make use of the Tower Hamlets recycling centre on Yabsley Street at the top of the Isle-of-Dogs.

Update 22/02/18:

Please be aware that the Yabsley recycling centre now insist on proof of ID and residency in Tower Hamlets before they will accept any rubbish. Drivers license or other recognised official photo ID and a corresponding utility bill will suffice.

Welcome to the New Site…

It’s been a while coming but we’ve finally managed to update the website.

We’re now using the WordPress platform and so keeping things current and up to date should be easier for more of the Directors.

If you have any ideas, questions, suggestions or complaints, please drop us line here and we will do our best to respond.

Annual Summer BBQ…

2014 barbequeIt’s that time of year again and as the weather seems to be holding fine for us at the moment, we’re hopeful that this year’s event should be a good one…

So save the date and time: Sunday 31st August at 3.00pm

It’ll be in the usual place, up at the river end of the development around where the timber benches are…

So just bring something to put on the BBQ and something to drink and come and say hello to everyone that lives in Plymouth Wharf.