Health & Safety and Fire Risk assessment 16th February 2021

PWRA has commissioned a Health & Safety and Fire Risk assessment which will be undertaken by Tetra Consulting on 16th February 2021. This primarily involves the 4 blocks and communal areas. No disruption to residents is expected as part of this inspection and contractors will be observing COVID secure working practices.

We remind residents that they should not store personal possessions (such as bicycles, scooters and prams) in the communal block areas and especially in front of the electrical cupboards blocking access as they can amount to an enhanced fire risk. Furthermore, riser cupboards adjacent to the flats in blocks should also be kept clear and not used for storage.

We thus request that any items be removed in advance of the inspection. Should this not be done, the Board reserves the right to remove these items and place them by the bin cupboards. Bike storage areas are available by both Block 1 & 4 in the communal driveway and are covered by CCTV. Thank you for your cooperation. 

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