Gutter cleaning 29th November-2nd December

Gutter cleaning is planned for 29th November-2nd December and will be undertaken by contractors from City Housekeeping. We are aware of a number of complaints of gutter blockages issues raised by residents, which will be addressed as part of this work. It has been 12 months since this was last undertaken and was originally expected that such maintenance work would only need to be undertaken annually. Unfortunately, it seems current seasonal weather conditions mean this may need to be more frequently. As such, PWRA will be undertaking 6 month reviews in future.

Work will commence on 29th November on the north side houses (properties #45-#52) moving clockwise around the development thereafter with the river facing blocks next.

In order to facilitate access to guttering in may be necessary to move certain vehicles temporarily so please be on standby. PWRA will contact you directly should this be the case.

Access will also be needed to to the rear of all houses to clean gutters at the rear. The contractors may also need access to an electrical point for their equipment when working on the houses.

Tree pruning and temporary suspension of parking around central garden area – Monday 15th-Wednesday-17th November

Tree surgeons from Keith Archer’s Tree Care Specialists from will be on-site between Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th to undertake essential annual gardening work to prune back the trees in the central garden area.

In order to facilitate this work all parking bays both visitor and resident allocated spaces around the central garden bed will need to be temporarily suspended. This is to facilitate access by the contractors to the trees and also to avoid any risk of potential damage due to falling branches etc.

All affected residents with allocated spaces should make alternative arrangements either by parking outside the development/on the street or getting agreement to temporarily use another resident’s empty space by one of the blocks. Should neither of those two options be viable please contact and we will allocate you a temporary parking space.

Unfortunately visitor bays will not be available during this time as priority needs to be given providing temporary spaces for resident allocated spaces. Any visitors must park offsite.

Parking spaces located adjacent to the blocks and on the forecourts of houses will not be affected. Residents who have one of these spaces but is not using it during this time and would be prepared to offer it to help should also contact

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.